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Short Stories

(** = available for free!)

**"I Was Once a King, and the Whole Realm Bowed.", Vol.18, Issue #66, Spring 2024.

**Level One: Blowtorch, Diabolical Plots, #109A, March 2024.

**The Cricket and the Moth," The Razor Literary Magazine, February 2024.

**The Jewel of the Waves, The Diadem of the Sky," DreamForge Anvil, Issue 11, March 2023.

**"Rondo for Strings and Lasergun," Clarkesworld, Issue 193, October 2022.

"All the Mister Rogerses from Bethel AME," No Police=Know Future: Stories of Alternative Futures of Alternative Justice, ed. James Beamon, December 2020.

"Zaznar the Great's Fifty-Sixth Proposal to the Council for Urban Investment," Unidentified Funny Objects 8, ed. Alex Shvartsman, October 2020.

**"The Silver of Our Glory, The Orange of Our Rage," Cossmass Infinities, Issue 3, September 2020. (Originally published in Intergalactic Medicine Show. Issue 50).

**"For Sale: Veterinary Practice on Sigma 4; Certain Conditions Apply," Intergalactic Medicine Show, Issue 69, June 2019. (cover story)

**"The Sojourn of Pope Packard the Third," Mysterion, March 2019.

**"Five Times I Have Slept at Your Bedside," Flash Fiction Online, June 2018.

**"Urban Fanfare," Compelling Science Fiction, Issue 9, October/November 2017.

"A List of Grey and Crimson," Not Your Average Monster, Vol. 2, Bloodshot Books, February 2016.

**"Antique," Intergalactic Medicine Show, Issue 47, September 2015. (audio production)

**"Ride-Along," Buzzy Mag, January 2014.

**"Air Guitar," Buzzy Mag, February 2013.

**"One Good Thing," Scheherezade's Bequest, Issue 15, May 2012.

**"Cloudsinger," Intergalactic Medicine Show, Issue 29, July 2012. (audio production)

**"Whiiteface," Intergalactic Medicine Show, Issue 24, August 2011, and Issue 25, November 2011.